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Site Updated on 08/29/2014 - 3:28pm
Position Posted
EHR Support Specialist- Information Systems, (FT) 08/29/2014
RN - Case Manager, (PRN) 08/28/2014
Patient Account Follow up-Patient Financial Services, (FT) 08/25/2014
Patient Care Assistant - Medical Floor, (PRN) 08/17/2014
Quality/PI & Compliance Assistant, Quality & Performance Improvement (FT) 08/13/2014
Quality Specialist- Central Billing Office, (FT) 08/13/2014
Registrar Emergency Room-Patient Access, (PRN) 08/12/2014
RN - Emergency Department, (FT) 08/17/2014
RN- Clinical Trials, Center for Cancer Care Medical Oncology (PT) 07/15/2014
LPN - Department of Primary & Specialty Care, (FT) 07/15/2014
Building Service Representative-Building Services, (FT & PRN) 08/26/2014
Application Administrator -Information System, (FT) 08/29/2014
RN-Department of Primary Care and Specialty Care (Float & Pulmonology office), (FT) 08/13/2014
RN - PACU, (PT) 08/04/2014
RNFA - Registered Nurse First Assist- Surgery, FT 08/04/2014
RN Clinical Unit Coordinator- Department of Specialty Care, (FT) 06/09/2014
Medical Technologist - Hematology and Point of Care Supervisor, Laboratory, (FT) 08/04/2014
LPN (Float) - Department of Primary & Specialty Care, (FT) 07/15/2014
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant - Pain Management, (PT) 08/04/2014
Physical Therapist-Center for Rehab and Wellness, (PRN/As needed) 07/18/2014
Fitness Instructor (PRN) 06/13/2014
Medical Technologist or MLT - Laboratory, (PRN) 08/04/2014
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant - Emergency Department (FT or PT) 08/04/2014